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OC Photography is a North West based Wedding and Portrait photographers.

About me

Photography has always been a passion of mine, the thought of capturing a precious moment so you can relive that for all of the time is fascinating. Each and every picture should not just show an image, but silently explain the powerful reason behind it and it is this philosophy that all my pictures are based around.

I have an amazing family who I spend most of my time with going out to different places and rambling across the north of the UK. Photography must run in the blood as my children who are only young have already got the camera bug and like to help me as much as possible. I decided it was time to pursue my Photography career once my children were both in school and I had more time to spend on creating amazing images. Since then I went on various courses and shadowed photographers in the UK before fully setting up and pursuing this career.

I have never looked back, and I put all that experience and passion into every picture to turn your most special day into your most treasured memory.

Wedding Photography

There is no higher honour than being asked to photograph a wedding. A wedding photographer is such a crucial part of your day, and you need to make sure that everything is perfect. All those elegant wedding details can sometimes be lost in the pictures. My core principle is to turn your most special day into your most treasured memory that you can reflect on for the rest of your life and to do this I capture everything from the romantic first married kiss down to the little favours. Nothing is missed, and everything is brought together to make the grandest album for you to look through and remember as clear as if you are still living it. Although I am based in the Bolton and Manchester area, I do wedding photography all across the UK so feel free to send me a message so that we can discuss your exact requirements and what you want to look back on.

I like to keep my wedding photography services open for all to see. This is your special day, and I want to make it as perfect for you as possible. Below is a list of what I generally cover but more can be discussed with our initial consultation.

  • Getting Ready Photographs
  • Wedding Reception Photographs
  • Family Photographs
  • Bridal Party Photographs
  • Bride and Groom Poses
  • Wedding Ceremony Photographs

This is your big day but finding the right wedding photographer through the hundreds that are in your area is a mind-numbing task. We monitor the wedding market extensively and will always aim to be competitive, but we will never cheapen our service. You may not go with us in the end, but if I can offer any advice, it would be never to go with the cheapest option. Within this industry you pay for what you get and too many times I have heard horror stories or had people get in touch seeing if I can help because the pictures they have are shaky, key points have been missed and atrocious lighting. I have even had people tell me that their wedding pictures do not include the first kiss or even the cutting of the cake.

Any professional and most amateur photographers will tell you that amateur wedding photographers have not yet found their style or got their head around all the shots which will severely affect the outcome. Although most amateurs will be completely honest with you upfront, there are those that will not be and it is generally those that try and undercut everyone.

Starting off as a Bolton wedding photographer I took the time to build a strong portfolio and had the help of some of the greatest people. I researched and even took a course at Harvard University to build up my skills. I made the step to specialise in portrait and wedding photography as these are what I enjoy doing the most.

Other Services

Although I specialise in Wedding and Portrait photography, I am also asked regularly to do Newborn, Event and School uniform shoots so contact me if you have any other queries.

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