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Miguel Barranco has a different way of telling stories through his photographs. He is passionate about light, truth and emotions, aspects embodied in each image. Together with Raquel, his wife and partner, they form a team that enjoys photographing unique stories.

His style is a fusion of wedding photojournalism and fashion editorial style. They love the cinema, the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the color of the earth, the irresistible charm of the sky and the smell of rain. His photographs drink from that inspiration, maintaining a very cinephile narrative thread, playing contrast and breathing light and color.

His experience as a fashion photographer for 22 years brings a special nuance to his reports. Miguel not only looks for the moment, he is interested in the essence and that special light that each couple has. For him it is important that you enjoy every moment to create something new and unique together.

Opinions about Miguel Barranco

4.9 10 reviews
By beolhi66
I used their services for my wedding

They are charming and great professionals the quality of their product is unbeatable thanks X the treatment received

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By miguelangelmoron
I know them professionally

As a professional photographer I can say that Miguel Barranco's team is a true image artist. It is a great luxury to have them!

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By vanessasanchez
I used their services for my wedding

I have no words to describe the session that I had when I was pregnant. If you are looking for a really professional job, you have to count on Miguel Barranco.

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Mid price
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Para bloquear la fecha de la boda haremos un contrato y tendréis que abonar 400€ a/c en concepto de reserva , el resto en dos pagos, el primero un mes antes de la boda y el segundo tras la boda
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More than 6 months
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Appointment not required
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Possible travelling expenses
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Entre 30 y 45 días


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