Mas de Sant Lleí

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If you have wedding plans, in Mas de Sant Lleí you can make one of the most incredible days of your life come true. A unique space in Barcelona that houses a SXII farmhouse, listed as a cultural interest by the Generalitat since 1994.

Elegant decoration, historical farmhouse, idyllic gardens and, in short, an incomparable natural setting that will envelop your wedding day with magic.

Each wedding celebration is designed by a team of wedding planners who will personalize all the details of the wedding, to create a unique event tailored to your dreams.

In addition, this wonderful space has its own kitchen. Gastronomic proposals to create a unique experience


Located in a protected natural park, with panoramic views from Montserrat to Tagamanent and Serralada del Litoral.

Celebrate your wedding in the open air , with more than 40 hectares, huge gardens with impressive views, a spectacular terrace with impressive views, a private forest, two heliports available ... Everything you need to make your dream come true!

But if you preferred to do it indoors, you will be amazed, its open-plan living room with large windows, the high-ceilinged natural wood spirit and an interior patio to have the perfect plan B.

I will fall in love with their interior patio for the ceremony, a perfect plan for the wedding day. What if it rains? If it rains, nothing happens, because plan B is idyllic.

Opinions about Mas de Sant Lleí

4.5 4 reviews
By yleniapiramide
I used their services for my wedding

WORST IMPOSSIBLE! I booked my wedding for August 2020, which due to the covid could not take place. When we asked to change it to August 2021 they told us that it was impossible and that if we did not want to lose the 6,500 euros that we had already paid that we had to put it between January and June 2021, that it was no longer summer as we had booked at the beginning. First blackmail.

We changed it for fear of losing the 6,500 euros to Easter, a date on which it could not be done either since the restrictions did not allow it in Catalonia. Suddenly we can change it to August at no cost.

The date is coming and we continue with beastly restrictions and without being able to carry out the wedding. We request that we want to change it indefinitely without setting a date or recovering our money once and for all and not postponing it any longer since the situation is unpredictable.

When the date changed, they told us to pay 1800 euros more or lose practically all our money !!! Continual blackmail.
We try by all means to reach an agreement and there is no way, even that they keep the 1500 euros of down payment and they return the payment of 5000 euros to which they answer us without argument that they return 2000 euros and they remain 4500 euros !!!!!!!!

They have literally stolen 6,500 euros from us and now we have only one option to report them and go to trial.

We already have enough boyfriends with what we have had to live with, and on top of that, having to encounter situations like this and people with such little empathy.

Worse impossible and that at all times we have tried to go for the good and understand the situation. Zero options and a sorry company policy.

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By maldo_merengue
I rated this service for my wedding

An unforgettable day per the nostre casament (06/03/16) !! Teníem excel·lents referències of the Mas de Sant Llei però nos nostres expectatives s'han complert i superat ...... a 10 amb l'organització, to the qualitat of the menjar, and sobretot of the servei of the people that hi treballen .... tot perfect! Estem Desitjant to be able to take part in a holiday home al Mas, perquè l'experiència is immillorable !! It is a plaer that tots the convidats ens diguessin to be accorded, that tot was immillorable !!

Moltes gràcies i 100% recomanable !!!

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By Escarlata
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

Without a doubt, a wonderful place, and an impeccable organization, a wedding to remember, and keep in mind to celebrate any wedding.

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What are the key features of the venue?
Garden, Terrace, Dance Floor, Parking, Panoramic views, Childen's entertainment, Disabled access
What is the venue's capacity for a wedding?
What is the menu starting price?
Desde 118€ hasta 186€
Price range
Mid price
Are the furnishings and decorations included when agreeing to the contract?
Yes, the furniture is included in the space rental
Do you offer in-house catering?
Self Catering
Does the reception have a time limit?
No restrictions
What special menus can you offer?
Kosher, Vegetarian menus, Children's menu, Gluten Free menu, Halal, Diabetic menu, Allergy friendly menus
Can the couple provide their own wedding cake?
The couple can bring their wedding cake
Can the couple provide their own drinks for the reception?
The couple can bring their drinks at the reception
What drink options are available?
Open bar included in menu
Do you have more than one event running at the same time?
One event per day only
What are your terms of payment?
Efectivo o transferencia. 1500€ de paga y señal, 25% en prueba de menú, 25% 1 mes antes y el total 1 día antes.
Please tell us something interesting or unique about your business
Disponemos de helipuerto. Contamos con un servicio de Wedding Planner, exclusivo para nuestros clientes, pudiendo ambientar su evento con unos servicios especiales, y actuaciones espectaculares, desde una orquesta Dixiland, Jazz, Piano, Cuarteto de Cuerda, Coral, Gospel, animadores infantiles, animadores de baile, grupos musicales de gran formato, y actuaciones de magos reconocidos. Los eventos se personalizan al detalle a través de la Wedding Planner: rústica, romántica, vintage, en tendencia etc. En el caso de lluvia, tienen espacios exclusivos perfectos para que vuestro plan B se convierta e un plan A único
How long has your business been running?


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  • Vegetarian menus
  • Children's menu
  • Gluten Free menu
  • Halal
  • Diabetic menu
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