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Magical Vows  

Hi!  Welcome!

Have you ever felt like everyone  surrounding you has a truly clear and fantastic idea about how your wedding has to go and...  felt no  good feeling whatsoever towards that idea?

Have you  ever felt like some people don't want to give you your perfect day, but want to spend your money to make it their perfect day?

And  have you ever started telling your ideas to your family and friends and maybe even vendors and heard them saying "But you can't do  that, sweetie, it's not fit for a wedding, it's not a masquerade",  or "Well,  if you want a Roaring '20s setting, I have to inform you that we don't have wooden cutlery"?

Annoying, isn't it?

Well now try to imagine having someone at your side who will geek   as much as you are over your ideas,  just because they're yours (and yes, maybe because they're a  huge geek too), and who will help you get  what you want or make it if it doesn't exist.  Who knows how to talk with the other vendors so that they give you exactly what you need and don't misunderstand your instructions. 

Think about having someone who will solve your problems, and  that you can also use as an excuse with your family.

Can you picture it?

Open your eyes.

Here  you are

Hi,  I'm Costanza, and I'm  a wedding planner who makes organizing weddings easy  and fun for alternative, geek and nerdy people!

I have all the magic items you might want, and I have  my  spells in order ready to go!

I am specialized in alternative and unique weddings, which don't need to be beautiful  for beauty's sake (there's nothing wrong with that though), but that need to describe   the people who are getting married, to tell their story

Traditions may be beautiful, but if you want something different, you need someone who will think outside of the box.

And let me tell you: I like my boxes only when I choose  them (yes, I'm like a cat).

I can't wait to start this magnificent quest with you!

Book a consultation, and you'll have an avid listener to what your idea is!

Opinions about Magical Vows

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By federica.fede
I used their services for my wedding

We relied on Costanza to choose some suppliers and coordinate the big day. Maximum availability and timely responses. He supported us in the various choices, giving the requested advice but without imposing his ideas in any way.

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By denise.nise
I used their services for my wedding

Efficiency and availability are the two key words that distinguish Costanza from Magical Vows. It will help you find the solutions best suited to your needs, taking away organizational thoughts, which would only cause you stress!

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By gianni.100o
I used their services for my wedding

Magical Vows has taken care of our wedding from A to Z. It has found the location, the catering, has directed us to the best ateliers for both of us taking the first shot, has carefully taken care of our somewhat particular theme (the Dragons) and the our colors (light blue and black). Irreplaceable and precious, we could not have wanted anything better. It was worth every euro spent.

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Acconto alla firma del contratto, e poi il resto delle soluzioni di pagamento viene deciso assieme agli sposi. Downpayment at the signature of the contract, and we'll decide together the actual installments for the rest of the sum.
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No restrictions
What is your starting price?
Preventivo personalizzato per ogni esigenza / Customized quotes for any need.
Please tell us something interesting or unique about your business
L'abilità di aiutare gli sposi a raccontare la loro storia, trasformarla in elementi distintivi dell'intero evento: dagli inviti, all'allestimento, alla cerimonia (se simbolica), e addirittura fino a bomboniere e fedi! The ability to help the spouses to tell their story, transforming it in distinctive elements of the whole event: from the invitation, to the decoration, to the ceremony (if symbolical) and even to party favours and wedding rings!
How long has your business been running?


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