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Free, authentic, genuine, bold, frank. A woman who lives in the midst of freedom that allows her to act and choose in conscience. She is Juliana Franco.
Juliana, always had a special appreciation for artistic manifestations, for creation, for design. However, photography became his main hobby in considering the image as a powerful tool through which a story can be told. From there, he began to explore with digital editing and retouching, until he generated his own stamp that identifies him at the moment.
In this, the nature and colors of autumn, are generating elements of a magical realism that charms, seduces and surprises.
Each of his photographic pieces captures emotions, feelings and moments full of meaning. That is why, when she is linked to a project, she is also linked to the story of the characters through whom she will be narrated.

It generates an affable and close atmosphere, listens to their wishes, and proposes a stage where they feel comfortable to show their own style, flow with spontaneity, and look as natural as the environment that surrounds them.

Translated to the language of the soul, by Luminosa!

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By ximeznia
I used their services for my wedding

Juli was our pre-wedding and wedding photographer; her work is simply spectacular, it shows the love and passion in what she does delivering a spectacular result, my husband and I are happy with the results I would recommend her to a closed eye a thousand times.

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By ucarlosgz
I used their services for my wedding

Juliana and her team did a very professional job, very aware that all the special moments were recorded.

You can see too much the quality of work they perform and the unique style they have, we are too happy because the work is more than we expected.

We hope to continue with that professionalism and unique style that have many successes

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By dianaaguacate
I used their services for my wedding

Juliana was the photographer of our wedding. He is a super professional, punctual person and I love his creativity. The quality of their work is unique. Thank you for making our day even more special and for our memories to be captured in such a magical and beautiful way.

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Nuestras fotos son como poemas, que al observarse o leerse hacen brotar miles de hermosas emociones. Por eso, te compartimos, uno que fué escrito amorosamente para nosotros. Un juego con luces y sombras, siendo amiga del sol y la luna. Pidiéndoles que “adornen los momentos”. Que resalten el amor entre dos. Sonrisas directas. Miradas a los ojos. Palabras susurradas al oído. Y mientras tanto, el mundo parece detenerse. Se captura un momento, a través de una foto, que luce como la más bella pintura, para siempre atesorar. Así, sin prisa y en plena calma, queda plasmada la belleza más allá de cualquier estándar. Un regalo a la memoria eterna, del amor que siempre se quiere conservar.


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