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Georgina Read is a Dorset-based creative studio offering the design, craft and production of inspired ephemera and stationery pieces. With just a few initial wedding stationery collections, the offerings are focused with a strong and artful presence. Under the creative direction of Georgina Read, each piece has been thoughtfully created with personalisation in mind, allowing everything to be entirely customised. From invitations to notes of gratitude, the studio aims to deliver functional and artful representations of life's most memorable moments, inspired by the surrounding seascape of Dorset.

Grouped into independent collections, a typographical motif and defining style, layer to create a framework of graphic elements. An eclectic mix of colours, subtle styles and traditional floral designs, the collection lends itself to varied tastes – suitably complimenting an array of themes, seasons and wedding concepts. A bespoke design service is also available to create entirely unique wedding stationery should you have a particular theme or concept for your wedding.


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    We know that wedding ideas can strike at the oddest of times, so our virtual door is always open and we're always on hand to help.
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    Bank Transfer
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    Online purchase not available
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  • Do you work from a catalogue or do you create bespoke invitations?

    catalogue, personalised designs
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    Impression costs included
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  • Do you have international delivery?

    national delivery
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    1 week
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    1 year

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