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With Photosenzaposa   spouses can live peacefully on their wedding day with friends and relatives. The photographer will be at their service to tell the moments and emotions of a unique day through images.

The secret is to create a personal and not only professional relationship with the spouses that allows them to experience emotions with them and to photograph with sensitivity what is happening around them.

Present but invisible, Fotosenzaposa builds the memory of the day, defines the mood, going to look for, capture and find the images and shots that best represent and tell the various moments of that day.

"The photos are not sought but found ... .. everything happens just because it happens!"


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By annaghost
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

I got to see this photographer in action on the wedding day of one of my best friends and I was really impressed!
Kindness, professionalism and a beautiful smile on the lips useful to dilute the tension of the bride before the ceremony.
During the day he was always present but never intrusive and, as I could then see in the photos, he managed to immortalize looks, emotions and details that will allow the spouses to relive that special day forever.
I recommend it to everybody!

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By l.messina
I used their services for my wedding

Stella and I got married on March 18, 2018, and we planned this great date in every detail, thinking about the restaurant, guests, tableau and everything else ... All but one of the most important things: the photographer! We wanted someone to make unique and original shots, which documents our wedding in an impeccable way! After all, the photos are the only means by which to relive the emotions of our great day. And that's why I decided to leave a review, because I want everyone to know that Fabio and Dasvide are excellent photographers who work with professionalism and passion, who take care of the work aspect that the human key; they were kind and available both with us spouses and with our relatives and they always accompanied us with a big smile on their faces. THANK YOU !


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By sofiaegiorgio
I used their services for my wedding

I highly recommend it to everyone !! Fabio and Davide are professional, helpful and very nice. Their photos speak: their shots are full of emotions, of those that only an expert eye like that of these great photographers would be able to grasp! Thank you so much.

Sofia and Giorgio

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Price range
Mid price
What is your basic price for wedding photography?
What services do you offer?
Photography, video
How would you describe your photography style?
How long does the service last?
What are your terms of payment?
Concordiamo con gli sposi il modo di pagamento, facciamo pagamenti personalizzati.
What's the minimum advance notice that you need?
2 months
Do I need an appointment?
Appointment not required
Is there a charge for travelling to other places?
No travelling expenses
Please tell us something interesting or unique about your business
La capacità di instaurare un rapporto con chi sta dall’altra parte dell’obbiettivo mi permette di vivere l’emozione con gli sposi e fotografare con sensibilità ciò che accade intorno a loro. Essere sempre presente ma contemporaneamente invisibile.
How long has your business been running?
How long will it take for your clients to receive their photos/video after the wedding?
In genere consegno entro 60 giorni


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