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D Zuleta Wedding Photography Diana Zuleta is a wedding photographer with over 9 years of experience.

Diana Zuleta , Publicist and Wedding Photographer works under the concept of photojournalist , which consists of capturing the wedding moments from the viewer's perspective, that is, very spontaneous and emotional photos that tell the story of the wedding as it was. She and her team are characterized by being original, modern and of high quality, based in Medellín, covering events inside and outside the country.

Opinions about Diana zuleta

5.0 10 reviews
By kellyu3
I used their services for my wedding
Diana without a doubt you are the best at what you do, infinitely grateful
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By jdavid.lez4
I used their services for my wedding
Thank you very much DZuleta. Super recommended! They made us happier with their work ...
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By mpazmt9
I used their services for my wedding
ayy noo !! We are in love with all the photos !!! Thanks thanks!!! : D we want them all !! And we love you! The best of all!! And it really is one of my favorites !!
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Photography, video, Other
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50% para separar la fecha y 50% restante antes de la boda.
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6 months
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Appointment required
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Possible travelling expenses
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Documental + Retrato
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