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Cher Amour

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Cher Amour

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  • Price from: 1,600€
  • Main value: Un mariage sur-mesure !


Cher Amour is an organization and design agency for private events and bespoke weddings specializing in Burgundy .

We work closely with our couples through a comprehensive planning process with the goal of providing you with a unique experience . Every detail is carefully researched to allow the realization and design of an elegant event in line with you.

We organize for you a tailor-made event , perfectly mastered and carried out with service providers who correspond to your vision and who have the same passion and the same requirements as us.

Our values are rooted in our day-to-day operations and relationships:

* The sense of sharing and hospitality . We want our couples to live an authentic experience in Burgundy.

* Excellence and a sense of service : a value dear to the heart of the founder, Camille Guigou. After several years of experience in high-end hotels and palaces, our mission is guided by the satisfaction of our customers. We always go further to surprise you and make you live an unforgettable moment.

* Creativity & style : we think outside the box to offer a unique and tailor-made event that suits you. Because every detail counts, we are always on the lookout for perfection.

We offer three types of services:

  • The complete organization & Design of your wedding
  • Coordinating your day
  • Complete organization & design of private events

Contact us, we look forward to discovering your project and your wishes!


Briefly state what main feature you would highlight about your business?
Un mariage sur-mesure !
From what price can you hire your service or product?
Do you directly receive payment from the couples you work with?
From the couple
What are your terms of payment?
Par virement bancaire, avec système d'acomptes
What languages ​​do you speak?
french, english
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Opinions about Cher Amour

5 reviews
5 reviews
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By Pauline
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

I was invited to a wedding that was organized by Camille. Before the wedding, I was delighted to be able to speak with Camille and to see that she was also available to answer questions from the guests and those close to the bride and groom. On the day of the wedding, Camille was present and attentive to the bride and groom but also to the guests and made this experience incredible, with a lot of kindness. The decoration was magnificent down to the smallest detail. We were able to enjoy every moment surrounded by our loved ones, everything was well thought out down to the smallest detail. I thank Camille for having supported the bride and groom so well, who were delighted with her services!

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By Grace
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

We entered into a wedding planning contract with Camille in February and began planning in early March. We  decided to fire Camille in mid August due to her unresponsiveness. We wish we had not selected her originally as a planner as she has disappointed us many times. Our last call/meeting with Camille was May 3rd. We have a client portal and our records state that the last modification she made to our file was  April 19th when she added possible videographers for us. We feel that Camille took advantage of us the last three months. She was aware that my fiancé Matt was available to plan with her but she would sometimes go 1-2 weeks with no response to his texts. It was exhausting that we had to follow up with her continuously, asking her to respond to our messag. Camille was not transparent about the months we would book vendors in our wedding day timeline and did not adjust our wedding timeline nor notify us. We had to take a lot of initiative in planning, I started contacting caterers and makeup artists myself because she was unresponsive. A job the wedding planner is supposed to do. We regret hiring Camille, because we feel that she is very inflexible, unenthusiastic, and has added too much stress to our wedding planning process. Wedding planning is supposed to be a happy and exciting process but she took this away from us. 

Camille sent us a message once in April that we were wasting her time by making her tour a venue we were interested in. For a different venue we had arranged with her to do a live video chat to see the venue and woke up earlier than we normally do because of the time zone difference. We suspected she was late to her tour because she called us over an hour after our meeting time. The worst thing that day was that she told us her phone was uncharged for our live video tour and her phone was about to die. My fiancé had to ask the coordinator of the tour for her to use her phone to show us the venue. We found this to be very unprofessional especially because this was the one tour we did through live video chat. Because Camille was late it was not possible for us to see every room in the venue as planned and the tour was very rushed. We found it very unprofessional for a wedding planner to have their phone uncharged right before an important tour.

We selected a venue in April and I had told Camille we learned of the miscommunication that was had between them about their flexibility and ability to work with us. We asked for the future for Camille to include us in emails so Camille is forced to communicate messages correctly and clearly from the venues. After that Camille texted us over WhatsApp a lengthy message which seemed to suggest she was frustrated at us. She complained that her wedding planning fee was low and listed all the work she has done for us, suggesting we were ungrateful. We felt from that moment she was talking down to us and had no respect for us as clients. Camille had chosen the price of her wedding planning services, so we were surprised that she was unappreciative of the amount we had paid her. We then called Camille later that April to express how we felt about her lengthy text and tell her we were disappointed in her. Camille told me that I was aggressive in the meeting. I told her that because I am black that this is a very bad word to call someone who is a black woman in America. We had thought everything had been resolved after meeting with her but Camille proceeded after the meeting to block both my access and  my fiance's Matt's access to our wedding planning portal online. This is in violation of our contract and we notified her of that the same day. Me and my fiance contacted Camille twice to regain access to the portal. Camille denied doing this but this is not a mere coincidence that both I and my fiancé Matt  lost access to our client portals with her the same day of our meeting with her. Again we find this to be very unprofessional behavior. 

These past three months my fiance and I have had to take a lot of initiative researching vendors and barely received any guidance from Camille in the next steps of our wedding planning process. She has made us feel like a burden to her and this is not a nice feeling. For example, we had to reach out to her many times for her to review the contract for our photographer. Additionally, because of delayed responses from one videographer we were interested in; we asked Camille to move forward with catering. Camille refused saying that she only does one vendor at a time. We found this to be inflexible because why would we have to select a videographer before we select the caterer of our wedding? I also sent Camille several messages to fix the save the date I had designed so we could send it out later in June, after we had signed the contract with the venue in June, she never sent us a save the date design and it is now Aug. 

In the middle of July me and my fiance requested a meeting  with Camille for August 1st. Camille told us she can meet only August 8th or 9th we agreed to meet with her then even though we were on vacation  and had to adjust our schedules, again because of the time zone. We sent Camille several texts to confirm the meeting time on August 8th. The day of august 8th was when Camille responded to tell us that there would be no meeting as she was busy with another wedding. Camille did not apologize for canceling the meeting she just said she was busy and could not meet until August 17th or 18th. She said we had a lot of time to plan things. We felt she had no time for us because for that period of four weeks mid July to mid August, Camille did not do anything to plan for our wedding and delayed our wedding process. I communicated to Camille how unprofessional I thought it was to cancel a meeting the same day as the planned meeting especially since our last call/meeting with Camille was on May 3rd. Camille then promised to add catering information the week of august 9th. Camille never uploaded catering information so we had no choice but to fire her on August 17th. We think it is very unfair for anyone to be treated this way, especially a client planning a destination wedding from America. We are disappointed in Camille's lack of communication, transparency, and inflexibility. We wish we had fired her sooner in April and are very disappointed in the time and money we lost in the process.

Please note that I have verified my statements with Zank you and have added this review.

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Dear Grace,
I'm sorry you felt frustrated.

I would like to clarify your comment. As we began planning your wedding, you advised me that you would not be available for 3 months and we rearranged our schedule to best accommodate your requests. That's why we had our last appointment in May, due to your unavailability. I've kept in touch with your fiancé to make progress on only some of the points you didn't want to be involved in. I presented you with a large number of service providers, and you wanted to take time to think things over. The timetable I propose also depends on your response time. I didn't rush your decision because your wedding is in 15 months and we still had time. I was flexible. What's more, during the months when you were available, we communicated on a daily basis, with weekly video appointments. I was available for you.
I do not know why you have began to contact some vendors yourself, as it was planned in the next steps.
Our wedding planning process is very simple. We allow our clients to focuse on one service at a time, to be able to choose wisely, instead of feeling overwhelmed. We are taking time to discuss their needs and their wishes with the aim of creating a personalized and meaningful event for them.

There's a lot of misunderstanding, and that's not the way we communicate with our customers. I've never been late for an appointment, the venue wanted to discuss about your project before getting in touch with you. We called you only 15 minutes later.

As for the venue you chose, I told you from the outset about its constraints and advised you on possible solutions. You chose not to listen to my advice.
We are confident in our rates. Once again, a lot of misunderstanding. You made requests that went beyond our missions. We're flexible and always ready to go the extra mile whenever possible. Some additional assignments have a cost and you were aware of this, but did not wish to finance these requests. You wanted to impose some working conditions and go against our contract.

Much of what you describe seems to have been misinterpreted and does not describe the quality of our service and the way we address our customers. We have a lot of respect for our clients and we are always willing to go the extra miles for them.

We wish you all the best for your wedding to come.
By Mylène
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest


Thanks to the organization of this event, we took full advantage of surrounding the newlyweds and sharing this moment with happiness, without concern..

Welcoming, attentiveness, attention to the smallest details, discretion, constant relationship between the members of the team who accompanied us that weekend..

Know-how and creativity won us over!!!

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