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It was a Sunday in 1963 when the beautiful and friendly Signora Alba hosted her large family in her old country house, delighting everyone with her wonderful, abundant and genuine cuisine.

It was the happy and contented faces of all the diners who planted the idea in the old lady's mind: Alba Catering .

A 50-year-old idea that remains rigorously current, crowning all its heirs with numerous successes in the catering sector.

Alba Catering has not forgotten neither the idea nor the faces of the diners who are the constant of its events.

The idea that remains is that of an avant-garde kitchen conceived with refined products and advice from the best chefs.

Alba Catering that has never abandoned the opulence and genuineness that has always distinguished it, to the point of making it interface with prestigious customers who repay with their gratification.

Alba Catering : their greatest success has always been the smile of the guests.

Alba Catering offers 360 ° event planning , wedding design and catering design services. More than 50 years of experience in the "events" "catering" "restaurant" sector and with the support of qualified partners, we are able to fulfill your every wish for your special moments.

Each event and catering service is cared for and customized in every single detail to obtain a unique experience. Each product is made with top quality materials and in collaboration with leading partners in the sector.

Our experience has evolved to the possibility of providing concierge catering services, private dinner experiences, food and cake delivery services.

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4.9 1 review
By enrico.cheda1
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

A service of the highest quality and professionalism, I had a great time with Alba Catering and I recommend it to everyone.

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Receptions, Linen hire, cutlery, Decoration, Wedding cake, Other
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