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Many times we think that the video of the wedding is not necessary, that with the photos is more than enough. However, the video of your great day is not only necessary but you will appreciate having hired it and with a company like   Adancinema,   everything will be ideal. This company will be dedicated to make your wedding a memorable and very special event, capturing the most unique and special moments of a unique day. As a company, they commit themselves to every vision, every dream, every ideal that comes to their hands and with all their dedication make it possible.

It is a responsible company that is committed to its customers to deliver quality work, which is concerned that the result of the work reflects what the client is looking for, that he puts on the shirt of each client and undertakes new ideas, all for benefit of both parties.   They are passionate about what they do, that's why the result of each production is unbeatable, full of creativity and new and unique ideas . The video and the photograph of your wedding will be better than you ever thought.

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Price range
What is your basic price for wedding photography?
What services do you offer?
Photography, video, Other
How would you describe your photography style?
How long does the service last?
What are your terms of payment?
30% Bloqueo de fecha 40% Una semana antes del evento 30% Al entregar todo el material del evento.
What's the minimum advance notice that you need?
5 months
Do I need an appointment?
Appointment not required
Is there a charge for travelling to other places?
Possible travelling expenses
Please tell us something interesting or unique about your business
Trabajamos con el equipo mas actual del mercado y estamos en constante preparación.
How long has your business been running?
How long will it take for your clients to receive their photos/video after the wedding?


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