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Winter wedding invitations

Part four of our Winter Wedding week is dedicated to invitations. A great way to set the scene of your colour scheme, decor and overall wedding look, you can have beautiful winter wedding invitations, whether you decide to buy them or make them yourselves. Here are the options.

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Winter Wedding invitations from shops and online sellers
* By just typing the keywords ‘winter wedding invitations’ into Google, you will find lots of different shops and samples.

* Snowflakes, snowdrops, bare branches, pine cones and Christmas motifs are all common winter wedding-style invitations

* Check out these snowflake invitations from Vanilla Bloom and this broad range of cards from Zazzle. We at Zk also LOVE this modern winter wedding invitation from The Photo Card Chef.

Winter Wedding invitations - DIY
* Again, motifs like snowdrops, stars and snowflakes are all beautiful representations of winter that you can combine with your decoration and accessories. You can find templates on the internet.

* Wintery scenes are also worth considering. Perhaps the venue of your wedding has a wintery photo available for you to reproduce with their permission. Or how about a photo of you two in the snow/skiing/with hats and scarves on.

* To create texture on your invitation you can decorate them with crystals, fur or even lace, to give the impression of snow or ice, as well as making a nod to your dress.

For more winter wedding inspiration, check out our post on Winter Wedding Planning!

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