Wedding music for walking down the aisle

Wedding season is upon us and we at Zk are happily humming away. “Here comes the bride…nah, nah, na-naaah”. You know the one, right? It’s Wagner’s Bridal Chorus.

But what do you mean you don’t want it in your wedding? OK, fair enough. So what do you want?

Music for walking down the aisle is just one of the 100 things you have to choose when you organise your wedding. So let us at Zk hum you some other tunes, to see what you do like…

Before we start listing tens of pieces that you could walk comfortably to, first you need to think about the following…

*Location for the ceremony. If it’s a religious setting, you may want something solemn, pretty classic. Or perhaps you want something modern. Whatever you do, consult with your cleric, who can guide you in terms of suitability and any regulations concerning choice of wedding music.

*Facilities available. Is there an organ in the church? Does the hotel have a sound system? Will a 30-man male voice choir fit into the room? Think logistics while you hum your favourite tune.

*How long is the “aisle”? Whether you’re getting married in a place of worship, in your local town hall or in a park, if you have to walk to meet your husband-to-be you need the music to be long enough to give you time to get there, but short enough so that you’re not standing around waiting for it to finish. Check with the musicians to see if they can play a shorter/longer variation on the original and practice!

So, now you’ve taken all this into account, here are some suggestions.


*Air on a G string, Bach

*Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Handel

*Canon in D Major, Pachelbel

*Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Bach

*Arioso, Bach


*Kissing You by Des’ree

*From This Moment On by Shania Twain

*The Wedding Song by Kenny G

*Grow Old Along with Me by Mary Chapin Carpenter

*The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel

*Fields of Gold, Eva Cassidy

Leave us a comment below telling us what music you’re going to have for your wedding. And for some more inspiration, why not check out singers The Classical Songbirds?!