Luxurious and high fashion shoes for brides by Liam Fahy

More often than not, a bride’s priority is her dress. That makes perfect sense of course, but so many of us are equally as obsessed with shoes as we are dresses – sometimes even more so! I firmly believe that loving your wedding shoes is of great importance because they’re integral for the overall look and for your comfort on your wedding day. This is our incentive for showing you some glorious shoes from yet another talented designer.

Liam Fahy is an innovative luxury shoe designer with as many awards to his name as I have floral dresses. Trust me friends, that’s a hefty number! His designs are classy, luxurious, show stopping and most important of all, beautiful.

Charlotte - Blue satin shoe by Liam Fahy

This is Charlotte. She’s divine right? Perfect royal blue, soft satin and she even has a bow! I think this shoe would look wonderful with a lace dress in a brilliant white colour, similar to this beauty by Kate Halfpenny:

Kate Halfpenny


Charlotte - Lilac satin shoe by Liam Fahy

She’s also available in lilac so she can match the warmer champagne coloured dresses. These shoes would be perfect for a tall bride with a boyish figure because the ribbons around the ankle will instantly increase femininity.

Chaunte - Cream suede shoe by Liam Fahy

These simple, cream sandals are a little edgy but still very feminine. When I first saw them they made me think of Katniss  from the Hunger Games. I think it’s a mixture of the black laces and the suede, because I’m sure our favourite heroine would struggle to walk in those skyscrapers!

Elle - grey python shoe by Liam Fahy

If you want something a little daring but very on trend, why not think about snakeskin? Don’t knock it! Snakeskin is bang on trend and is a very interesting and luxurious fabric. The Elle shoe is available in either grey python or gold watersnake.

Elle - Watersnake by Liam Fahy

Court shoes are classic and comfortable, and the dramatic arch is wonderfully flattering and would make your legs look fantastic! They’re also really versatile, so whether you wear a long elegant gown or a short, fun dress, your look will be complete with Liam Fahy shoes!

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