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Organise your first wedding dance with ease!

So you’ve said “I do”, enjoyed your wedding breakfast and have started welcoming your evening guests – what next? The first dance! “I don’t want to look silly”, “I’ve got two left feet” are just a few examples of how you could be feeling as that moment draws nearer and nearer. 

Image courtesy of Nicki Jones

I have had the pleasure of working with couples who asked themselves those questions with time to spare and together we created a personalised first wedding dance that both wowed and surprised their wedding guests.

It has become really popular to emulate the wedding dance videos on YouTube and create a routine that turns into something comedic. It’s not for everyone but it might be right up your street to begin dancing to Shania Twain and end up dancing to MC Hammer! It is also becoming increasingly fashionable to include your wedding party in your first dance. For some couples this can be a perfect idea as it allows the limelight to be shared with friends and family and can be really fun to rehearse and perform.

Image courtesy of Nicki Jones

Some things to consider…

* How traditional would you like your dance to be?

Would you like to perform a simple yet elegant waltz around the dance floor or would you like to wow your guests with a full blown modern dance routine?

* What song would you like to dance to?

Most couples I work with have “a song” that means everything to them and that they would love to perform their wedding dance to. Others choose a mix of current and catchy dance tunes that might showcase the fun side of their relationship.

* The dress…

Whenever I choreograph any dance my main consideration is the size and style of the bride’s dress. For example, a large train will affect the movement that the bride is able to perform and a large fairytale dress will make it tricky to dance “in hold”.  Obviously keeping this information a surprise for the groom is all part of my job too!

Whatever your vision for your first dance I can help you to create something that is unique to you in any style or genre you fancy.

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