D’Zage Bridesmaids Dresses

D'Zage Bridesmaids Dresses

“Affordable, modern and stylish” – that’s how D’Zage describes its entire collection of wedding dresses, prom dresses and bridesmaids dresses. Today’s we’re concentrating on the bridesmaids, because D’Zage was also a finalist at the British Bridal Buyer Awards for Best Bridesmaids Collection.

Althoug the company lost out to Kelsey Rose for the top prize, British company D’Zage and its bridesmaids collection is full of beautiful, sassy and modern dresses. And what I really love about this collection is the range of colours.

Nowadays, you can get bridesmaids dresses in lots of different colours, but the D’Zage collection is extra special, with beautiful colours like Perriwinkle (light blue), Sage (pale green) and Very Pink (no need for an explanation) that are really gorgeous.

As the trend for bridesmaids this year is not only about combining dress styles but also combining colours (e.g. one green dress with an orange belt, one orange dress with a green belt), then there’s D’Zage has definitely go this covered.

There are big-medium-small bridesmaids collections (same style, three different models) and individual styles, from the stunningly creative halterneck DAB1984 to a more classic long strapless look like DAB11012.

Click on the link for a list of D’Zage stockists and to take a look at the dresses, check out this page from UK Bride.