How to lose weight for your wedding and keep it off

Contrary to common belief, the best way to be slim and healthy on your wedding day is not to diet. … Continue reading

An ideal destination wedding hotel and great food at The Westin Palace, Madrid

One of the main things you have to think about when choosing a hotel for your wedding is the menu. … Continue reading

Organising a wedding brunch – make it pretty and tasty!

So you want to do something different where your food is concerned. Cupcakes are all over the place and sharing tables are pretty normal by now. Street food is everywhere and dessert tables are all the rage. … Continue reading

The naked wedding cake

Fondant, ganache, icing, frosting, fruit cake, tiers… these are just some of the terms we may hear when choosing a wedding cake. From the very traditional fruit cake with white icing, to an elegant croquembouche, to the more … Continue reading

Delight your guests with delicious ice-creams!

There are many ways in which you can transform your wedding into the most memorable event. From the decor to the reception, each area must reflect your style and good taste. If we’re talking about the reception, … Continue reading

Marvellous Macaroons for a Moreish Wedding

Macaroons have totally invaded the wonderful world of patisserie and have now become a gourmet trend at weddings. Their weapons of mass seduction? Their multi range of colours and rich, varied flavours, which together create a yummy and completely … Continue reading

Technicolour Dream Cakes – Colourful wedding cakes that look too good to eat!

The traditional white wedding cake has had a complete makeover! Flavours began to evolve years ago with many people choosing a vanilla or chocolate sponge over the traditional fruit base, but the design and style of cakes … Continue reading

Gourmet wedding reception menus at The Westin Palace, Madrid

On your wedding day, you spend a lot of time smiling at a camera, plenty of time with your nearest and dearest and quite a bit of time eating and drinking! If you’re planning on organising a … Continue reading

Tempting and tasty! The very best dessert tables for your 2014 wedding

Oh good grief, time for dessert. Britain has gone cake mad in the last few years. With the Bake-Off, cupcakes crazes and just a return of the respect for our good old fashioned tooth (with a modern … Continue reading

A book-shaped wedding cake for literature lovers

The pile of books in the above photo look real, right? Just a simple pile of amazing pblihcations about art and photographs. But wait a minute… Stop and take a look – there aren’t actually any books … Continue reading

The perfect bride’s breakfast

I’m obsessed with food, good food, the right food. So it occurred to me while I’m always going on about wedding food in terms of receptions, what about the food you brides should be eating BEFORE the … Continue reading

The 6 sweetest 2013 wedding cake trends!

Wedding cakes have shifted from being a traditional wedding reception treat to an expression of a couple’s personality and style on their big day. I have seen some beautiful trends spring up in the last few months … Continue reading

Dessert Tables for your Wedding Reception from Tempting Tables

Dessert tables have become increasingly popular over the last few years.  With couples becoming more inventive with wedding themes and suppliers providing nothing but the highest quality produce the desert table looks set to stay as popular … Continue reading

Essential advice for choosing wine for your wedding

After the venue and the catering, wines are usually the third big investment within your wedding budget. As a result, choosing wines for a wedding is very often a tough and quite scary task. Et Voila ! … Continue reading

Wedding food trends for 2012 – creativity, fun and cute miniatures

Creativity is the key for weddings this year. With a high demand for more personalised options, dishes are deliciously fun! What’s more, formal sit-down meals are out – this year it’s all about informal dining. Here are … Continue reading

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